Supplier Info on Product Page PrestaShop Module

This module gives you the ability to display supplier information on product pages. Easy to use, highly configurable.


Merchant Benefits

With this module, you are able to display supplier information in 4 different position on the product pages. The module provides you wide variety of configuration option so you can highly customize the way how the module displays the supplier information.



  • 4 position to display supplier information: Product Page Left Column, Product Page Right Column, Product Page Footer, Product Page Buttons
  • Product Page Left Column: Displays a link with icon next to the links like Print.
  • Product Page Right Column: Displays name, content and logo with a read more link under the short description.
  • Product Page Footer: Displays name, content (long) and logo with a read more link after the product description.
  • Product Page Buttons: Displays a logo with link under the add to cart button.
  • Easy to use: Each configuration option is well documented in place.
  • Improve SEO: Displays relevant information, raise text/img ratio, improve internal linking.
  • More attractive product page.


Customers Benefits

The customers sees more, relevant information on the product pages and easily can navigate to the supplier’s page.

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