CMS Content to Downloadable PDF PrestaShop Module

This module gives you an ability to easily convert CMS Pages to a downloadable PDF document by appends a download link to the CMS content on selected CMS Pages.


Merchant Benefits

If you have to provide a downloadable version of some of your contents, with this module you don’t have to maintain two different document, upload the modified document, insert the download link manually, etc. When you change the CMS content the PDF content will changes as well. If you want, you can set-up fully different content for the PDF.



  • Enable/Disable downloadable PDF for each CMS Page
  • Enable/Disable CMS content in PDF
  • Configure PDF download link text
  • Add extra content before the CMS content
  • Configure PDF pager format


Customer Benefits

Customers can download CMS Page content as PDF document.



Important: Keep the CMS Page html content as simple as possible. PDF generator uses inline styling.

Tip: If you want to display a totally different content in the PDF than the CMS Page, for example: less style,
no image, etc. Just disable the CMS content in the PDF and the PDF header will be the only content in the PDF.

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