Advanced SEO Friendly URLs PrestaShop Module

This module gives you the ability to remove ID from URLs and create proper redirection when an item not found in the database. Those pretty URLs helps improve SEO and redirection helps keep SEO when you delete an item.


Merchant Benefits

Do you want to remove those annoying IDs from your shop’s URLs?
Do you want to improve your shop’s SEO ranking with more search engine friendly URLs?
This is the module what you need!


Works with Cloud and Download version.

Remove ID from all URLs: Product, Category, Manufacturer, Supplier, CMS, CMS Category.

Support parent categories in category url.

Automatically detect old URLs and redirect to new ones. This helps keep your shop’s current SEO ranking.

If a product or a category not found, try to find its parent category and redirect to. This helps not to lose deleted items SEO ranking.

Detect duplicated URLs when saving a Product, Category, Manufacturer, Supplier, CMS, CMS Category. Also offers a unified list with all of duplicated URLs if no records found in that list, your shop is ok.

The default configuration is the best choice for SEO. (Recommended to use!)

Configuration option:

  • Enable / Disable advanced URL by type
  • Enable / Disable parent categories in product and category URLs
  • Not found redirection type in product and category URLs
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