Admin Toolbar in Front Office PrestaShop Module

This module displays a useful admin toolbar in the Front Office for faster management. With this module you can quickly navigate between the Front Office and the Back Office.


Merchant Benefits

With this module you will get an admin toolbar in the Front Office with useful information and quick links. You will get information about the latest orders, registrations and customer service messages with a direct link to the admin. You will get basic SEO tips, direct edit link to the currently viewed content, new content creation links. You can create multiple custom link blocks.

This will looks familiar, you browsing you shop and suddenly you find a bug in a product description. Without this module you spend a lot of time while find the product in the admin to edit. With this module, you only 1-click far from the product edit form. Imagine that, how many time you can save with this little handy module.



The toolbar is widget based. You can easily re-arrange and enable or disable with drag-n-drop moves. If you see a cog sign in a widget, click on it and you can configure the widget.

Available Widgets:

  • Latest Orders, Registration, Messages with new count badge and displays the latest five orders in a drop-down with direct link to admin
  • Basic SEO Tips about the current page meta title and description
  • Edit Link, the currently viewed content direct edit link: Category, Product, SEO & URL, etc.
  • New Content direct link: Product, Category, Manufacturer, Supplier, CMS Page, CMS Category
  • Custom Link Block (multiple)
  • Current Date
  • Current Time (live update)
  • Direct Admin Dashboard Link
  • Current Admin User
  • Widgets from compatible Modules
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