Stores Map on Home Page + Custom Page PrestaShop Module

This module gives you the ability to display a store map with a Nearest Store Locator on Home Page or on a Custom Page. The style-able map perfectly fits in your theme.


Merchant Benefits

With this module you can display a store map with a Nearest Store Locator on the Home Page or create a dedicated Custom Page. With the easy-to-use interface you can quickly setup the module.

On both pages you can enter any HTML content like images, tracking code, Facebook plugins, advertising javascript code, YouTube video or just use one of the WYSIWYG HTML Editor and create amazing content to make more personalized page.

You can change the title, url (link rewrite), meta description, meta keyword of the Custom Page

The style-able Google Maps can perfectly fits in your theme.



  • Easy-to-use
  • Configurable Custom Page
  • Custom HTML content before and after the map
  • Automatically finds customer’s nearest store based on customer address
  • Automatic zoom
  • Style-able Google Maps
  • Nearest Store Locator
  • Store importer
  • 4 different content editor (Plain Text, TinyMCE Simple, TinyMCE Advanced, Code Editor)
  • Easily switch between editors
  • Code Editor with HTML, CSS and Javascript code markup highlight for those who wants a desktop style source code editor
  • Image upload via the TinyMCE’s File Manager.
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-store support


Customers Benefits

Customers can easily find their nearest store and only one click away from a step-by-step direction to the store.

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